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bakerstreetfic's Journal

Baker Street Fic (and other stuff)
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Baker Street Fic (and other stuff)

There are places in this fandom for all sorts of fic. Dark!Sherlock, ace!Sherlock, slash... Even Mycroft Poppins. Now, we have a place for everything else. Gen, squint, UST, one-sided. Basically, a place to go where you can find fic without sex. NOTE: This lack of sexual content does not guarantee fluffy bunnies, crack, or G-ratings. It just means that it's fic without sexual elements, basically. Some people aren't really into that, and we want to give them a place to go. Art and fanvids are also allowed, despite the name of the comm. I just needed something to go in the URL.

Now, the rules:

  1. Don't be a dick. This is a rule. Follow it. You will only get one warning. This is it. If you think that something you have to say may be in violation of this rule, do us all a favour and just don't say it, please.

  2. All fic posts MUST have a header. Okay, this is also a rule, but only half of one, really. I don't care how long the header is, as long as it includes the following information:

    You can add onto this as much as you want. The word count doesn't even have to be exact, but should at least give an idea as to how long the fic is.

    ALSO: Please place the fic/art portion of your post behind an LJ-cut. You may have a preview, up to 100 words (or a whole drabble), and up to 500x500px outside of the cut.

  3. All canons are welcome. Be it ACD, Ritchie, BBC, or whatever. As long as the post has something to do with Sherlock Holmes and the people with whom he associates, your post is welcome here.

  4. Content of all sort is welcome. Want to post a fanvid? Artwork? Again, as long as it's related to Sherlock Holmes, it's welcome. The goal here is to have a bit of fun, and not feel guilty about doing so.

  5. Do not disable, delete, or screen comments. Okay, this one is also a rule, and will see your post deleted if it is broken. Disabling or screening comments goes against the whole idea of posting to a community. If you want to funnel your comments to your personal journal, that's fine; most people will comment on whichever page they're lead to via link or fake cut, anyway.


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